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13 Hilarious Ways to Prepare for Military Life – Explained in GIFs

Inside: a humorous look (with GIF’s) at the ways to prepare for the unexpected challenges of military life.

Don’t you just love when people tell a military spouse, “You knew what you were getting into!” or even better “You signed up for this!”

Because really…

Did any of us know what to expect from military life? Did your service member? Has their career gone exactly as anticipated?

Yeah, probably not.

I know I was completely unprepared. I met my husband before the military. After a few years of dating long-distance, I ended up a military wife.

Within a year we had a baby, bought a house, moved far from family and he deployed (in that order).

a humorous look (with GIF's) at the ways to prepare for the unexpected challenges of military life.

It was a whirlwind of changes that I could not fully prepare for, even if I knew they were going to happen.

Now I’ve adjusted and can laugh about it. But back then, it wasn’t very funny.

You know what is funny?

Joking about all the ridiculous and unexpected challenges of military life. Whether you are a military girlfriend, a new military spouse, or a ‘seasoned spouse’ who’s been around for a while, you are sure to relate to these GIFs that show you the truth about military life.

How to prepare for military life (as told in GIF’s):

1.Buy a bunch of furniture. Bang it up, throw it into a truck, and drive it across the country. Then rent an apartment where none of it fits.

2. Plan a wedding. Change the date. Plan another one. Then decide to elope.

3. Look for a new job. Get through interview questions about your spouse’s career. Jump through hoops to make it work during deployment. Quit 2 years later. Because… orders.

4. Avoid spending holidays with your spouse, family or loved ones. Try to stay in a different time zone from everyone you know.

5. Make new friends from all over the country. Cry when they leave one year later. Repeat forever.

6. Get pregnant. Give birth. Make sure your spouse isn’t there.

7. Move to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. Put your kids in public schools there. Because, culture.

8. Clean out your house by throwing away everything you own. Then wonder why the next house is so empty. Repeat every 2 years.

9. Send your spouse to the other side of the world. Don’t talk to them for weeks at a time.

10. Take all your kids with you, everywhere you go, every day.

11. Plan meals. Cook them. Get a phone call that spouse will be late… again.

12. Be sure that you can answer your phone anytime, any place, no matter what.

13. Cry. Laugh. Drink wine. Enjoy the craziest adventures of your life!

Military life is full of unexpected challenges. You never know where the military will send you (or your spouse!) But with a good sense of humor, you can handle anything the military throws your way. Just remember two words: Bring it!

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