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20 Most Popular Toddler Stocking Stuffers for Under $10

Buying toddler stocking stuffers is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. Whether you gift a stocking stuffer for St. Nick or Christmas, these small and simple gifts can really make a toddler feel excited about the holiday season. Because our son was so young last Christmas, we really didn’t buy him many gifts.

20 Perfect toddler stocking stuffers to gift this holiday season!

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Best toddler stocking stuffers

So this year I’m really excited to buy a few gifts for him. These are all items we have in our home or hope to purchase this holiday season. The best part about these toddler stocking stuffers is that they are all under $10. That’s my kind of budget!

1. Printable Visual Routine Cards

These are perfect for any toddler or preschooler (and bonus…they are actually make life a whole lot easier for parents!). They include bedtime, morning, mealtime and chore routine cards, a set of blank cards, and two editable templates. Use coupon code holiday50 at checkout to get 50% off your order, and you’ll snag this stocking stuffer for $3.50 (normally $6.99). Grab your routine cards here.

printable daily schedule for kids

2. Playskool Weebles

Colorful roly-poly toys that always pop right back up, no matter how hard you push them. It’s a simple concept that makes toddlers laugh.

3. Play-Doh

Soft and squishy, Play-Doh has a fun texture toddlers love. Stretching, pounding, and molding it into different shapes is great for hand strength and dexterity. We get this toddler stocking stuffer each year. We always need more play-doh.

4. Story Time Finger Puppets

These tiny adorable puppets are like a theater that fits on your hand. Get creative and make up silly stories about each one or use them during story time. This is the perfect toddler stocking stuffer for creative and imaginative play.

5. ALEX Toys Bathtime Stacking Cups

Love the little holes in each of the cups to make bath time more fun! These are also great to develop a toddler’s fine motor skills. Each cup is labeled 1 through 7 to teach number recognition.

6. Munchkin Caterpillar Stacking Cups

Similar to the cups above. Just another variation to enjoy! They nest in each other making for easy storage.

7. Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags

Perfect for snacks on the go. The waterproof fabric is easy to wipe and clean. It’s also machine washable if it starts to need an extra good cleaning. PVC, BPA, phthalate, vinyl and lead free.

8. Tool Fork & Spoon Set

The easy grip handles make self-feeding easy for toddlers. Plus, the fork tines are sharp enough to stick through food, but not too sharp for a toddler’s sensitive hands.

9. Crayola Bathtub Crayons

Fun for your toddler to create masterpieces on your bathtub wall with an easy to clean and non-toxic crayon stocking stuffer.

10. Crayola Bath Dropz

More bath time fun with these quick dissolving tablets that changing the water into bright colors without staining your bathtub.

11. Snuggly Puppy Kid Toothbrush

A fun puppy toothbrush that sings a two minute story to teach kids how to brush properly.

12. Melissa & Doug Stacking Cars

Perfectly designed wooden toys for babies and toddlers. The surface is really easy to clean and it’s durable with withstand a good amount of wear and tear.

13. Olivia Helps with Christmas

A really fun book for toddlers about waiting for Santa and then opening presents.

14. Pop-Up Peekaboo: Christmas!

This book is really fun because toddlers get to guess what will pop out of the Christmas stocking, chimney, Christmas tree, etc. It creates a fun element of surprise and gets toddlers excited about reading.

15. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Remote

This toy helps a toddler understand cause and effect and promotes fine motor skills. The remote teaches numbers, opposites, colors, and greetings.

16. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Book

This book has 4 animal-themed coloring boards and refillable water pen. You can reuse the pages over and over again. Using the water pen, your toddler can color the pages to see the colors. Great for fine motor development.

17. Triangular Crayons Extra Jumbo

The triangle shape is more ergonomic than traditional round crayons, making it easier for toddlers to handle while coloring. The is another toddler stocking stuffer we get again and again each year. Always need a set of replacement crayons.

18. Original Slinky in a Box

Just a traditional slinky that if fun for kids of all ages. The toy recommends use for kids older than 5+, but I would personally use it with a supervised toddler.

19. Pull Back Racer Cars

12 pull back racers that are small and easy for toddlers to use. The pull back motion is great for motor development.

20. Hoops Bathtime Tub Game

A suction-cup net hold balls so they are easy to retrieve. Plus, the balls are also water squirters.

21. Monster Colors Memory Game & Puzzle

Two great games to learn about colors. You can match the sturdy game cards for a classic memory game or flip the cards over and find a challenging 24-piece floor puzzle.

What’s your favorite toddler stocking stuffer to gift this holiday season?

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  1. Great list Lauren. I kind of miss the coloring shower gels we had in USA – our kids loved them! I’m sure Lesley would still have fun with Crayola and Play Doh is favorite thing in school! (Even though she is no longer a toddler!)

  2. This is awesome. I googled stocking stuffers for toddlers and found this post, and it’s perfect. I want to get him everything on it! Sadly, that toothbrush is out of stock and I can’t find it available anywhere else online either, but it looks like there’s a Trolls one that is similar, so either way, I’m glad you pointed out the toothbrush that sings, hopefully it helps encourage him to want to brush, so far that’s not going so well. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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