5 Things That Will Save Your Military Marriage

When I married my husband I knew that I hit the jackpot. I am one of those ridiculously type A people. In fact, I would say I am too type A for my own good. It’s like a sickness really.

Awesome lessons learned from other military spouses to keep a strong military marriage!

My husband, on the other hand, is a total type B personality. He’s authoritative, yet completely laid back and relaxed even with the most stressful problems. Meanwhile, I’m over in the corner working myself into a tizzy over nothing.

That’s how I knew my husband was for me. I could go on one of my ridiculous rants about stay-at-home mom schedules and organization, and he would patiently listen before quietly telling me that everything would be okay if we didn’t follow the schedule or let the house fall a mess for a few days.

So marriage is awesome, but it’s also really tough some days. Despite our good relationship, my husband and I have experienced our fair share of stressful challenges and obstacles, especially when it comes to military life. Military PCS moves, military deployments, having kids while stationed far from family, changing jobs, and learning to make peace with becoming a stay-at-home mom are just a few challenges that come to mind.

Over the past several years, I’ve watched military marriages both flourish and crumble in the face of difficult circumstances. I’ve watched the strong military marriages carefully, studying and learning, hoping to grow and keep my own military marriage strong.

If there is one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that the military spouses in strong military marriages all seem to do these 5 smart and savvy things that will save a military marriage.

They try to see things through the service members’ perspective.

Spouses of strong military marriages keep a level head. They look at life through the eyes of their service member before jumping to conclusions. They ask question and listen. When they are done listening, they often listen some more until they really understand their service members’ perspective.

They put their spouse before other people, even when it’s inconvenient.

Marriage is a lot of work, requiring regular nurturing and attention. Spouses of strong military marriages seek out time to re-connect with their husbands and wives despite the busyness and stress of everyday military life.

They willingly embrace the ups and downs of military life.

It’s not always easy to roll with the punches, but these military spouses do. Deployment on short notice? Unexpected PCS? A change in resources available to military families? These military spouses handle life changes with grace, poise, and good will.

Awesome lessons learned from other military spouses to keep a strong military marriage!They don’t create (or escalate) drama.

Oh the drama. Military spouses of strong marriages keep far away from unnecessary drama within the community. They offer help to others and erase snide and mean comments from their vocabulary. Overall, they are just friendly and nice spouses to be around.

They don’t project anger felt towards the military onto service members.

There are some aspects of military life that are amazing. There are, of course, many times when the military has control over your life and that can feel very difficult and even make a spouse feel angry at the military. Military spouses of strong marriages, however, know the difference between being angry at the military and being angry at their service member. They get their anger out and address it but they don’t blame their service member for a PCS move, deployment, or other challenging circumstances.

Wrapping it up.

I’ve learned so much from watching other strong military marriages grow and flourish in the community. People love being around them. They make friends easily and adapt to new duty stations like nobody’s business. It’s such a treat to watch, and I can only hope to make my own military marriage even stronger with these 5 things that I believe will save your military marriage.

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What’s your best tip to save your military marriage and keep it strong? Let’s chat in the comments!

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