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When Your Child Keeps Getting Out of Bed, Remember This…

How to survive the tough mom days when you're a tired mom. Such an important story. I'm go glad I read this today!

My oldest is out of bed for the fourth time this evening. Part of me is frustrated and angry. I want to claim that time for myself. To recharge. To have a moment without the kids.

But there is another part of me. A part that can’t help but smile. A part that pats the couch cushion and invites him to come sit. A part of me that needs another kiss from him.

How to connect with kids when parenting feels overwhelming. Reconnect with your child.

I waffle.

There’s a part of me that wants the screaming and the chaos of the day to end. To say hands down it’s bedtime, no matter what. To hold firm. And never budge.

Because parenting young kids is exhausting.

And draining.

And consistency is everything.

I return to the part of me that wants him to be little forever. To let him creep out of bed with his blankie and sweet sing-songy voice and hear him beg to sit close to me.

Because I know it won’t always be this way.

This moment is fleeting.

He nuzzles his head on my chest and I put my arm around him. As I look down, he looks up and says, “I love you, mommy.” I kiss his forehead and hold his hand inside my own.

I think about my boundaries. That I need to take him back to bed. That I need to tell him who’s boss.

And yet—I don’t.

I hold him closer, grab a book and read it to him.

This moment is fleeting.

Consistency is everything.

But so is love.

And connection.

I know that one day my son will go to bed and tell me to stop hugging and kissing him so much. I know that one day he’s probably going to tell me that he doesn’t need me anymore. And I know with the utmost certainty that one day his hands will be bigger than mine.

We finish reading our book together. He puts it back on the shelf and looks to me. I tell him softly but firmly, “It’s bedtime.”

He nods — surprisingly.

I pick him up and throw his blankie over my shoulder. He is way too big for carrying, but I do it anyway.

For a moment I close my eyes and try to imagine what it was like when I carried him like this as a baby.

I’m forgetting.

Without looking at pictures or seeing a video, I’m struggling to truly remember what he was like as a baby.

This moment is fleeting.

It’s impossible to savor every moment. When the back talk and disrespect take over. When the power struggles seem like too much. When I’m trying so hard and my kids won’t listen.

My patience wears thin. I get angry. I’m only human.

But tonight?

I’m savoring this moment.

I’m holding him close to smell his sweet scent. I’m kissing his cheeks to feel the marshmallow squishiness. I’m hugging him tight trying to lock this memory in my brain forever.

I don’t want to forget any of this.

This moment is fleeting.

There’s a part of you that will always see your babies as your babies, but eventually they get old enough that they don’t see themselves as your baby.

They become independent.

You raise them to leave you.

They grow up.

Then there’s another part of you that just wants to do it all for them. A part of you that wants them to need you. Desperately. Forever. And ever.

You know

This moment is fleeting.

I lay my son down in his bed. I cover him up exactly the way he likes: quilt, extra blanket, blankie, no sheet.

I kiss him on the forehead.

My voice cracks and I whisper, “I love you, son.”

How to connect with kids when parenting feels overwhelming. Reconnect with your child.

In the darkness, I stand there for a moment. I turn to leave the room, then pause and turn back.

I’m about to do something I never do.

I crawl into bed with him and snuggle him as much as any mother could. I’ll sleep there next to him tonight.

His body nuzzles perfectly into my own.

One day it won’t.

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  1. Wow! I NEEDED THIS TODAY!!!! I’m in love with your blog!!! I love your validation in parenting! I really needed this today! As a single mom I am struggling right now. I lost $200 and NEEDED to look for it yesterday. To some people that may not seem like much but it is very serious in my budget, anyway I needed to look for that money SO BAD last night and I just couldn’t get my daughter to sleep! So finally I gave it to God and said I will have to look for it tomorrow during her nap. Both of us were just worn out from the day we had it was exhausting. THANL YOU FOR YOUR BLOG!!!

  2. This is a beautiful story… My kids are 12(son) and 8(daughter) and they are growing up so fast and the disrespectful attitudes are awful, but when my daughter wants to snuggle with me, I cherish it! When my son hugs me for no reason.. I’m floored and try not to show it… Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the sweet distraction. I’m supposed to be working, but instead, I’m reading this, my eyes are welled up with tears, and I have to explain to the nanny that this blog post just made me cry … so thanks, but no thanks! LOL

  4. I love this! I think the same with my four-year-old. I am so ready for her to be in bed by 8pm. She doesn’t usually get out of bed until the wee hours of the morning – and usually right after I fix my cup of coffee and settle in for my quiet time. I used to get so upset. But I had to make a mindset shift to remember that she will not do this forever. Now I just invite her into my quiet time and read my Bible aloud and she prays with me. I hope its a legacy that she carries on with her.

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