One Simple Tool That Will Make Deployment Easier

I’m going to be brutally honest with you: I’ve never used a deployment binder before. Each time deployment would come around (and it seemed to come around an awful lot) I’d run around like a lady with her hair on fire.

It was mildly embarrassing, but I know for certain I’m not the only spouse who does this. So there’s that.

Plus, I eventually created a trial-by-fire system that worked well enough.


Minus the occasional deployment meltdown.

And minus the 3-hour search to find the power of attorney I misplaced for the seventh time.

There had to be an easier way.

Based off the large number of weekly emails from my fellow military spouses, I knew wasn’t alone in my disorganized deployment struggle.

It was time to pull myself together and create a deployment binder to benefit any military spouse who wanted to try it out.

The ultimate deployment binder.

After a few months of researching what to include and getting the whole thing designed, your 19 page deployment binder was born.

Free printable deployment binder for military spouses!

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Here’s what’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • Master deployment guide (Learn what to do week-by-week, step-by-step).
  • Legal checklist
  • Vehicle maintenance checklist
  • Home maintenance checklist – Part 1
  • Home maintenance checklist – Part 2
  • Document must-have checklist
  • Account information list
  • Budget worksheet – part 1
  • Budget worksheet – part 2
  • Budget worksheet – part 3
  • Password information list
  • Emergency phone number list
  • OPSEC / PERSEC guidelines
  • Goals checklist pre-filled – part 1
  • Goals checklist pre-filled – part 2
  • Goals checklist blank
  • Care packages – part 1
  • Care packages – part 2

How to get your deployment binder and set it up. 

  1. Sign up here and then check your inbox for an email from me.
  2. Download to your computer (this will overload your smart phone)
  3. Open using PDF viewer on your computer
  4. Print on card stock or photo matte paper using your home printer. Be sure to check “Fit to Page” on your printer settings.
  5. Place in home binder. You can use sheet protectors or just use a 3 hole punch and place them in the binder.

 Free printable deployment binder for military spouses!

Once you have your deployment binder…

  1. Start filling in the pages for which you already know information (i.e. account information, password information, vehicle maintenance). This is an easy way to get a “quick deployment win” and feel like you accomplished some deployment prep.
  2. Review pages with your spouse. This is a great time to plan for a budget and set dates / deadlines to complete the master checklist.
  3. Once your binder is initially filled in, you can simply go back and make tweaks with each subsequent deployment.

Free printable deployment binder for military spouses.

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Staying organized during deployment is so important. Grab this 19 page deployment binder for military spouses and significant others to stay sane.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    thank you so much for the deployment binder! So excited to help with our first time separation.

    There were we a couple pages that didn’t download right. Is there anyway you could resend those ones to me? Legal checklist, budget 2&3, password, emergency, and care package pt 1.

    Thanks! Christy

      1. Everytime I try to get the binder it sends me to a landing page for deployment course, which is fine, but it never sends the binder. To Help!?

  2. Hi Lauren! Are you still sending these binders? My husband deploys for the first time next month and this would be a life saver! I sent the inquiry 🙂 thank you!

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