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My Favorite Things Family Gift Guide for 2020

It’s been a unique year. We’ve heard this over and over again from news outlets, friends, family and beyond.

And during this unique year – an opportunity presented itself – to either bring out the best in us OR the worst in us.

Over the past 8 or 9 months, some really amazing things happened in our family….

We learned to cope better with disappointment and overall uncomfortable feelings.

We learned how to become more flexible and open to change.

We worked hard to speak narratives of delayed gratification, of resiliency, of grieving, and of finding new meaning and new coping skills.

We worked to problem solve and use creativity more often.

We spent more quality time together as a family in the outdoors, playing board games, and on FaceTime with extended family members.

We learned how to communicate better with the kids during anxiety, anger, frustration and grief.

We chose to opt out of exhausting goals and opt into new ones that better match our resources — mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially — and the world in which we find ourselves.

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There were many gifts of 2020.

While these weren’t exactly the gifts I was expecting, they are gifts in life experience that have changed us…forever.

As the holidays are coming, I do LOVE experience gifts, as well as gifts that you cannot buy. It is fair to say there are very few toy gifts our children will remember into adulthood. However, I cannot help but thoroughly enjoy gifting my kids and family some tangible gifts 🙂

Here are my favorites this year:

1. Journals for kids and parents.

This is something you can look back on for years and years. Many times, when I look back in a journal, I forget that it even happened until I read it again. Childhood is so fleeting; a journal between you and your child can create a cherished memory.

journals for kids

2. Gardening indoors with growing kits for kids.

While you may not be able to attend as many experiences this year, I say bring the experience into your home. Any of these indoor gardening kits for kids are wonderful activity to do together and watch it grow over time!

garden gifts for kids

3. Create a cozy reading nook for kids to enjoy.

I love to nurture a love for reading, and one success point I’ve found is to create a very warm and inviting space to for your kids to enjoy reading on their own, with each other and with you.

reading nook for kids diy

4. Cooking kits for kids.

Making food together is a life skill that will serve your children for years to come. This is a wonderful experience gift without needing to leave your home.

cooking with kids

5. Outdoor toys for kids.

It’s getting harder and harder to motivate kids to get outside these days. With the competing demands of apps, video games and more kids staying inside, it can feel like a huge battle to get the kids to play outdoors.

surfing swing for kids to use in the backyard.

But here’s the thing — getting the kids outside is imperative to their neurological development.

If you read my post about why kids won’t listen, then you know that in order for kids to listen, focus and learn to sit still for a period of time, they must develop both proprioception and vestibular sense by experiencing many physical challenges during childhood.

ninja wheel for kids

Here are my kids 3 favorites!

You can find a complete list of best outdoor toys for kids here!

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