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How to Get a Breast Pump Through TRICARE for $0

At 7 months pregnant it was time to finalize the baby stuff. I still needed a breast pump and I thought I discovered a money-saving solution.

After three kids, my friend announced she was officially hopping off the baby-making train, and she was ready to sell all her baby stuff.

How to get a breast pump through Tricare insurance at no cost to you! Military spouse | Military wife | Military Family | Military Mom

Lucky for me, this included a breast pump and I was ready to snag it. At first sight, I handed her a hundred bucks cash, grabbed my breast pump and I was on my merry way. This was a huge mistake.

Used breast pumps are a horrible idea.

As my maternity leave came to a close, I started pumping like a Golden Guernsey prize winner. I needed enough stock pile to feed my son while I worked 12-hour nursing shifts an hour from our home.

I remember sitting in the kitchen pumping away when the pump died. It literally stopped working mid-pump. I turned it on. Nothing. I turned it off. Nothing. Nadda.

I panicked.

I needed a pump ASAP in order to create enough milk to feed him while I was away. I was also extremely stressed because I didn’t have a pump to use while I was at work.

This is just one of many first-time mom disasters I experienced. Because I couldn’t go from breastfeeding a baby 5 times a day to not pumping or nursing at all for 12 hours. That is unless I wanted to carry around two leaking boulders by the end of the day.

There was more stress.

On top of that, the breast pump company would not fix the breast pump because they do not fix breast pumps used by more than one person. They only fix pumps used by the original single use purchaser.

So not only did I spend $100 on a breast pump that died after one-week of use, I also had to pay full price for a brand new breast pump. I didn’t save a penny. In fact, I spent way more than if I would have done it right the first time.

Times have changed.

Back when I was pregnant with my oldest, TRICARE did not cover breast pumps for service members or dependents. Which is how I found myself trying to buy a used breast pump.

Now, you can get a breast pump at no cost to you through The Breastfeeding Shop. Yes. A brand new breast pump from The Breastfeeding Shop for zero dollars.

How to get a breast pump through Tricare insurance at no cost to you! Military spouse | Military wife | Military Family | Military Mom

The best part is they are a TRICARE preferred provider making the process easy and straightforward.

Knowing all the ins-and-outs of working with TRICARE, they will make sure you get your pump without spending any money out of pocket. They also help you receive the maximum breast pump and accessories available through TRICARE.

How to get a breast pump for $0

1. Get a breast pump prescription from your TRICARE provider. If you need a prescription form to download and print, grab it here from The Breastfeeding Shop. Then have your doctor’s office fax it over to them. I highly recommend reading these tips here so you can make sure your doctor fills out the prescription correctly.

2. Fill out your order form on The Breastfeeding Shop’s website.

breastfeeding shop 1

3. At the end of your form, choose your breast pump!

breastfeeding shop 3

4. Then head over to the Accessory Kit Order Form, so you can get 2 accessory kits & 6 boxes of 50 breast milk storage bags upfront. It’s easy and there is no cost to you!

breastfeeding shop 2

If you are looking to get started, don’t make the same mistake I did and buy a used breast pump or pay full-price for a new pump. Get your pump covered through TRICARE with The Breastfeeding Shop. To get started, head over to their  homepage to see everything they have to offer or give them a call at 866-255-6779.

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This is a sponsored conversation brought to you by The Breastfeeding Shop. All opinions and text are my own. 

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  1. Hey! I got my pump through The Breast Feeding Shop. I was so pleased with the experience and how easy they made it for me I had to comment. I’m going on baby #3 and it’s still as terrifying as if was for the first baby. But in a good way. I didn’t breastfeed with my first two children but I’m looking forward to trying out my new pump and having that bonding experience with my next child. The Breast feeding shop helped me get exactly what I needed and they specialize in tricare.

  2. Hello Lauren,
    My Name is Krisi, I am the founder of Milk N Mamas Baby. I wanted to talk to you about sponsored sharing for your Tricare Moms who are in need of breast pumps. This would be paid for advertising for my company through your site. We are very much so a contracted provider of breast pumps through Tricare. Unfortunately, some are advertising as if they are a contacted provider for Tricare and they are not.
    I look forward to better contacting with you to share insight into our company and how our work with Tricare came to be.



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