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How to Help Kids Feel at Home After a PCS Move

Moving with kids is a difficult transition. Even if you spend your days cross-checking a moving overseas checklist or a regular PCS checklist, moving remains a big life change.

When we moved to Japan, it took our son a good month to fully transition back to normal everyday life. Between night-waking and behavioral issues, I know the move took it’s toll on him as much as it did my husband and I.

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One night he woke and couldn’t go back to sleep. I stayed with him in his room for a bit and then he started throwing up. There were no other symptoms of illness and once we put him in the bathtub he was the happiest “sick” kid I ever saw. Presenting with a physical stress response to a military PCS move is all too common. Several of my closest friends experienced similar episodes of “sick” kids without any other symptoms of illness. Homesick is a real thing.

There are a endless ways to help your kids transition after a military PCS move, but one GREAT way to help kids is by creating a special space in your new home just for them. Developing a creative playroom helps kids feel secure and comfortable in their new surroundings. And of course, keeping a few things consistent from their previous home is a great way to blend the old with the new.

Here are 12 playroom ideas to inspire you:


Eclectic wall alphabet and learning station from Montessori Moments


Perfect inspiration for pretend play from And Next Comes L


Keep toys organized and easy to find using these bins from Mom Inspired Life


Using a mirror during playtime is awesome for learning from Wildflower Ramblings


Keep books organized and off the floor using this idea from Dirt and Boogers


Perfect busy boards, plus an easy DIY rockwall and rings inside the playroom from Fun at Home with Kids


Love this learning station and numbered bunting from No Time for Flash Cards


This is a great “parking lot” for any child who loves cars and trucks from My Life of Travels and Adventures


Another awesome idea to keep books off the floor and organized from Fun at Home with Kids


 Allow your kids to put pictures of themselves on the wall using this idea from DIY Inspired


Kids love small spaces. Create this perfect rainbow fort from Childhood 101


Perfect for any child who loves Legos. Try this DIY non-permanent Lego wall from Lalymom


Where ever you find yourself after your next military PCS move, many of these ideas are easy to implement in a variety of homes. I know my son feels happiest when I put a few of his favorite toys in a fun and creative play space. It’s almost like a stress release for him. A few nights after he got sick, we moved into our permanent base housing and he was able to find his comfort and safe place in our home to call his own.

As a military family, we know we will move frequently over the years, but there is love where ever we go.

And we always find a way to make our new house…

…a home.

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Creative ideas for kids rooms and playrooms!

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