37+ Funny Welcome Home Sign Ideas for Military Families

Yay! Homecoming is here!

Whether you are welcoming your service member home from their first or fifth deployment, you’ll want to make sure it’s special.

For some military families, the end of deployment means a big ceremony and fuss. For others, it’s a low-fuss airport pickup.

Sometimes, it’s a surprise and other times, it’s simply your spouse walking in the front door like a normal workday.

No matter how they’re coming home, it’s an exciting day, one you’ve both looked forward to.

Homecoming signs are a great way to make sure that your service member knows just how much time and effort you put into preparing the home for them.

But the traditional “Welcome Home” and “Missed Me, Now You’ve Got to Kiss Me” signs don’t fit every relationship. Some of them thrive on jokes and funny sayings.

Don’t worry, your welcome home sign can be as unique as your military relationship.

Here are some of the funniest welcome home signs we’ve seen!

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From Kids to Parents

There’s nothing quite like watching a reunion between parents and kids.

Welcome home sign or not, the joy is enough to bring tears to your eyes. But these funny welcome home signs make it so we’re not sure if we’re crying because we’re laughing so hard, or because the kids are so darn cute.

Other variations include:

  • Welcome home Mom and Dad. We’re out of cereal.
  • Outta My Way, I See Me Daddy Today!
  • Hey Dad, you owe Mom diaper changes.
  • Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?
welcome home sign
military kid holding homecoming sign
military kid holding homecoming sign
baby with military funny welcome home sign

From Parents to Kids

You never stop being a kid to your mom and dad, so why shouldn’t they have some fun when welcoming you home.

Whether it’s from a deployment or just in time for that first Christmas after basic training, they’ll love spoiling you rotten and letting everyone know how proud they are of you.

dad dressed as darth vader military welcome home
"apple" and "tree" signs for welcome home sign

For Spouse

Whether they’ve been gone one week or one year, you’ll be so excited to welcome your spouse home, you’ll definitely want to make a sign.

Depending on your relationship, it may be super mushy gushy and romantic, or more realistic. A few favorite sayings include:

  • This Better Be the Last Time I Pick You Up Here
  • The trash needs to be taken out.
  • Yes, sir! That’s My Baby!
  • Welcome home to my loose interpretation of clean.
  • The house was clean last week, sorry you missed it.
  • Welcome back, we knew you couldn’t resist our good looks.
  • I have tacos.
  • Prepare to be de-briefed.
cute welcome home sign
Text, letter: \"I tried to think of a cute sign but all I can think about is your cute face.\"

Simply Stated

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? No need to crazy with a snappy saying to welcome home your loved one. Consider getting creative by holding up a picture of their face on a stick or even just their name on a plain, white piece of paper like a chauffeur would.

You can also make it pretty simple with some of these one-liners.

  • Smoking Hot Dude
  • Guy Who Knocked Me Up
  • I missed you so much I made this sign.
  • Hottest gal at the airport.
  • I’m Holding a Sign!
Text: Welcome home. Now kiss me.
"report for booty" military welcome home sign

7 Unique Ways to Display Your Welcome Home Sign

Once you’ve decided on what your sign will say, it’s time to start making it! You have so many options for making signs.

In fact, they don’t even have to be physical signs. Anywhere you can think of can be decorated in a “welcome home” kind of way.

Here are some unique ways to display that funny welcome home sign.

welcome home written on driveway with chalk
  1. Shirts – make a t-shirt with the words on it. Or, if you have kids, put a few words on each shirt and make your spouse figure it out!
  2. Window Paint – Grab some window paint or markers and write a sassy saying on the window of your minivan.
  3. Put it on A Cake – Having a welcome home party? Decorate a cake with your welcome home sign words.
  4. Order a Sign – Feeling a little pressed for energy at the end of this deployment? Order a free sign from Build-a-Sign.com.
  5. Yard Sign – Decorate the front yard with a sign, balloons, or even painted decorations on the grass.
  6. Chalk Messages – Feeling a little youthful? Write out your message in chalk on the driveway.
  7. Door Sign – If you’re welcoming home your service member to an apartment or dorm room, decorate the door with a huge sign.

From elaborate signs and big welcome home ceremonies to surprise encounters in the kitchen a week before you thought they’d be home, there’s nothing better than wrapping your arms around your service member.

No matter how you welcome your loved one home, know that the entire military community is happy for you.

Now, go enjoy that homecoming!

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Collage of military welcome home signs

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