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7 Military Ball Must-Haves That Aren’t a Dress

I’ve been stock-piling items for this year’s military ball season. Because if you read my post about military ball dresses under 100 dollars, you know my last military ball involved a huge wardrobe malfunction.

This season, I want to be ready to enjoy an evening out with my husband. I lined up a babysitter two months in advance, and I was so excited I called my husband right away. Our main focus over the past four years was starting a family; we’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be home with our kids.

Now it’s our time! I’m counting on a stress-free and fun evening, but more than anything, I want to feel comfortable and happy with what I’m wearing at the military ball. If I only get dressed up nice once or twice a year, I want to do it right!

How to look AMAZING at your next military ball! Military ball dresses | Military ball dress accessories | Military Ball Dress Under 100

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I ended up settling on this Von Vonni transformer dress from Amazon that you can wear 16 different ways. A friend of mine recommended it, and after seeing the sweet price and over 332 positive reviews, I knew this dress was ALL mine.

I was super pumped the moment I tried it on, and I’m almost tempted to buy it in a few more colors.


Here’s the craziest part.

This dress comes in only one size! Per the Von Vonni company, this dress fits women size 0-12. I was reading the comments on Amazon and noticed that several people used this dress for all their bridesmaids. It was proof that this dress does fit women of all different shapes and sizes.

Now if you want to see all the different ways you could potentially wear this dress, this video is the fastest and most complete tutorial.

Military ball dress accessories.

Now this post wasn’t supposed to be about military ball dresses so I’ll move onto the military ball must-have items you will want to have in your closet the night of the event.

Spanx Power Short

Throw these under your ball dress to smooth everything out. Love the shorts verses the panties style because it smooths your thighs as well!

Not matter what size you are, Spanx can help bring it all together and help your dress lay nicer against your body.

Dress Tape

Go for the daring, sexy dress, just make sure to use this tape so that you don’t end up embarrassing yourself in front of all of your service member’s coworkers!

If you get the Von Vonni dress, you are definitely going to want some tape to make sure the top stays in place. It should be fine, but after a glass of wine, you never know.

Anti-Slip Shoe Sole Accessories

Don’t brave a new pair of heels without these non-slip pads, they will make sure that you can dance the night away and not fall like a fool.

This is also great just in case it rains and the inside of your soul gets a little wet. This will help you keep your shoes in place.

Static Guard

Especially if you are wearing silk, make sure to grab a bottle of Static Guard. Static makes those dresses hug all of the wrong curves and takes your service members eyes off of all the right ones.

Selfie Stick

The biggest thing my husband struggle with is remember to take pictures. When we moved to Japan, one of the things we noticed was all the locals using selfie sticks. These fun little contraptions help make sure that everyone gets in the picture, and you aren’t taking the picture an inch from your face.

So…Go on, buy a selfie stick and snap shots to help remember a very special night. It’s not every night that you get this glammed up!

Sheer Soft Shawl

A jacket would totally ruin the look of your beautiful gown, but a shawl can help you stay covered if needed.


Forget the normal black clutch, this simply classy envelope clutch brightens up a dark evening dress.

Elegant Silver Earrings

Don’t spend a fortune on earrings you’ll only wear a few times. These are beautiful and will complete your look without breaking the bank.

Nipple Covers – Strapless Bra Pasties

Bra straps will quickly ruin a beautiful, classy gown. Invest in these and you can reuse every ball.

Bun Shapers for your hair

Sure, we don’t all have the money to pay for an up-do for the ball, but for a sweet price these will give you the look of a professional up-do and you can do it yourself?

How to look AMAZING at your next military ball! Military ball dresses | Military ball dress accessories | Military Ball Dress Under 100

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  1. I am attending an Air Force awards banquet, my husband and I are both civilians. My husband is up for Civilian of the year. The invitation says formal dress for civilians. My husband is wearing a black suit. What long gown would be appropriate for this event? I bought a dress at Dillard’s that is a bluish grey, the material is silk and lace with sparkles and is floor length . The collar sits off the shoulder and it is not low cut.
    It’s beautiful but I’m wondering if it’s too fancy ? Help! The event is Feb 7 2020.

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