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10+ Military Spouse Gifts That Are Absolutely Perfect

As a military spouse, you may not know what to tell people when they ask, “What would you like for the holidays or a special occasion?” On the flip side, there is a good chance the gift giver doesn’t know either, hence the question. From the mom about to have a baby with a service member to the military spouse staying up late to figure out that daddy doll tutorial, this perfect military spouse gift guide takes the mystery out of it–for everyone!

Not sure what gift to buy a military spouse? Wow...this military spouse gift guide offers a ton of ideas I would've never found on my own! Too perfect!

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The Ultimate Military Spouse Gift Guide

Each of these gifts is something I would love to receive from a loved one or something I would gift to a fellow military spouse in a heartbeat. Each military spouse gift carries a special purpose or meaning that relates to military life.

1. 2MyHero Greeting Cards and Post Cards

I love this small business because they take the stress out of shopping for and sending unique and meaningful military specific cards and gifts.

“Boots on the ground”, pre-stamped options for both individual and packs of military related greeting cards and postcards. Ships within 24 hours.

“USS” (Ultimate Support System) allows giver to submit their own message or choose from two pre-scripted, hand written options to be sent directly to recipient. Beautifully packaged and ready to go at a moments notice. Ships within 24 hours.

Read more about 2MyHero Here and if you sign up for her email list, you’ll get a 20% discount code to use on your order.


2. One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book

Military life comes with constant changes from deployments to PCS moves to building new friendships. This is the sweetest way for the military spouse to quickly journal and look back at the rollercoaster adventure traveled via military life.

The 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, allowing you to revisit previous thoughts and memories over five years!


3. Spafinder Wellness Gift Card

It’s true, the military life can be stressful and take its toll over time. Treat your military spouse to a relaxing spa treatment wherever she might be right now! I love that you can use this at over 20,000 different locations.


4. Lifeproof Cell Phone Case

It’s true: military spouses carry their phones with them everywhere! We can’t risk missing a call from our special service member. Get your military spouse the gift of a good cell phone case that will protect it on the journey. Here is a case that both my husband and I have used for our iPhones.


5. Home is Wherever You Are Necklace

A military spouse gift guide isn’t complete without a very special piece of jewelry! This gift is handmade and customized for each military spouse. This is the perfect gift for the holidays, but it also makes an incredible gift for anniversaries, birthdays and right before deployment.


6. Customized Military Move Sign

Love this stylish military spouse gift to display the adventures of a military family. Each sign is customized with the families name and duty station locations. This will help any military family make their house feel like a home.


7. Home Sweet Home Wall Art

As a military spouse you know that home is both where the heart is (current duty station) and your home town. Decorate the house showing the uniqueness of this bond that only the military provides. Or choose whichever you like best! I had to add in this “Our Family Rules” sign…it was too good not to pass up and the price is oh-so reasonable!

See them all here..




8. Military Pride Shadow Box

Give the gift of memorializing the sweet moments that military life brings all too often – deployment, basic training, or TAD letters. Carefully place your momentos in the box and display on a dresser, mantle or bookshelf.


9. Personalized Stationary 

Sure, we have the ability to connect via email and phone, but a letter in the mail still touches the heart in a unique way. Give the gift of personalized stationary so your military spouse can connect with all of her far-away-friends and family in a special way.


10. Personalized Wooden Growth Cart for Families

Military life means moving and moving means that some of your favorite family traditions have to look different. Give your military spouse and mom the gift of a growth chart that can span the life (and height) of not only her children but the various military moves the family will experience.


11. Books That are Perfect for Military Spouses

My go-to books when thinking of a fellow military spouses are Sacred Spaces by Corrie Weathers and 15 Years of War by Kristine Schellhaas.



I hope this military spouse gift guide offered some fresh ideas that you hadn’t thought of yet for your loved one. Do you have a military spouse gift that you’d like to share? Leave your idea in the comments!

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  1. I am looking for a set of dog tags.
    One with my years of service and the other for my wife’s years of service as a military wife!
    I served 24 years

  2. I live a thousand miles from my daughter in law, her husband my son is deployed, this sweet woman works FT, FT mom of 3 and has family members who are ill. What is the best way I can help her, without offending her. A week of housekeeping or sending her prepared meals. I want to help her

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