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Mom’s on Vacation #2: One Amazing Weekend Away

Today I’d like to introduce you all to my friend Ali! She is a fabulous blogger from Mom Explores Virginia Beach, and today she is sharing her story about taking a little bit of time to invest in herself and recharge. #9 already has me dreaming about my next “me” day!

I think it is super important to be completely involved in your child’s life! School activities, extra-curricular activities, dinners at the table, and on and on. However, I also think it is really important to get some down time. Down time can mean so many things. It could mean a date night with your hubby away from the kids. It could mean a girls night without kids (and husbands!).

Or, in my case, it could mean a whole weekend away from the family! I had the whole weekend to myself last month and though I missed my family like crazy, I really enjoyed the time to myself.

My hubby and daughter traveled to see his dad and I stayed behind. I decided I wasn’t going to just miss them the whole weekend, but I was going to embrace this time and get some things done. So……this is what a girl does when she has the weekend to herself:

1. Got my hair cut!

Mom's on Vacation#2

 2. Painted my toenails

3. Made a smoothie


4. Painted a dresser


 5. Made cupcakes


6. Made freezer meals….well, made A freezer meal (but one is better than none, right?)

7. Cleaned the house.

8. Watched HGTV basically the whole weekend

9. Shopped until I dropped!


 10. Spent time at Starbucks


 11. Unloaded the dishwasher

12. Slept in….something I haven’t done since before the baby!

13. Took a nap

I was so glad to have my wonderful little family back! I definitely missed them! But it was definitely nice to have some down time and a little break to get things done!

fam pic fathers day 1

Ali is a wife, mom, and author of the fabulous blog Mom Explores Virginia Beach. She loves talking about parenting, being a wife and mom, and being a Christian. She enjoys giving advice, tips, and encouragement about all of these topics on her blog. She welcomes you to connect with her via Mom Explores Virginia Beach, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter!


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  1. So important to get that time to yourself! In nearly 6 years I’ve never had a weekend to myself….jealous!

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