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To the Military Spouse Who is Tired

Inside this post: Learn how printable positive affirmations for military spouses can decrease stress, increase happiness and boost mood.

I was at home working when my husband messaged me. Another work trip came up and he thought it was best to go.

Instead of telling me that he’s for sure going, he likes to do this thing where he pitches the necessity of the trip. In a very strange way, we enjoy this song and dance.

He continues to explain why he needs to leave. I beg him to stay. He explains further, and eventually, I lovingly agree because it seems like the right thing to do.

I get it.

It’s his duty.

Printable positive affirmations for military spouses

And yet…it’s still hard.

As much as I appreciate military life and all the opportunity it affords our family, I am also tired. Spending half of your relationship apart is a lot of time apart.

The frequent goodbyes and additional work trips seem to pile up unexpectedly, and I can’t help but wonder how this will affect our family as the years go on.

It’s not just deployment either. It’s the two weeks training the month before deployment and month long course shortly after reintegration.

Each subsequent separation feels like another wave crashing over you. The waves keep coming. Keep crashing. It feels like they’re never going to let up.

I’m tired, but I’m not giving up.

The negative self-talk has a way of getting inside your head. The tired and weary thoughts become commonplace. Before long, you’re wonder if military life is really for you.

Some days, you genuinely want to quit.

I mean, with all the deployments, PCS moves and career challenges, who wouldn’t want to quit at some point?

This is exactly why shifting your perception is so important; it’s your path to thriving. Because tired is always going to be there. Yep, weary too.

What you need is a simple, yet highly effective way to remember the important things. To help you remember what you’re capable of. To know that you’ve totally got this. Even when it feels like you can’t breathe.

Here’s how.

Positive affirmations for military spouses! Print them out and use one printable positive affirmation per day. Perfect gift for military spouses and significant others.

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Positive affirmations for military spouses.

Not too long ago, I started using a set of printable positive affirmations for moms. They helped me stay on track and feel encouraged on those really tough parenting days.

I found them so helpful that I created a set of printable affirmations just for military spouses.

I love these because they are bright and cheerful, but also because I can carry one around throughout the day.

I put them on my bedroom mirror, the dashboard of my car and inside my purse. Each time I see the affirmation, I close my eyes and say it aloud three times.

It sounds pretty hokey, right? But there is a lot of science to back up. 

After a good month of really trying, I felt less stressed, more content with military life, and most importantly, I started to shift my perception.

Instead of tidal waves crashing over me, I saw a few ripples in the water.

When my husband called and made the case for another work trip, I hesitated, but I didn’t carry around the frustration for days afterward that I used to.

That was a huge positive change for me.

How to use your positive affirmations.

Getting started with your own set of printable affirmations is super easy! I challenge you to try them for 31 days and see the difference!

  • Grab your affirmations here.
  • Print them out using your home printer.
  • Cut them out.
  • Keep in a small box.
  • Choose one per day and keep in a place you’ll see multiple times per day.
  • Each time you see the affirmation, say it aloud three times.
  • Try it for 31 days!

Printable positive affirmations for military spouses

Here are all the affirmations included in the set:

  1. I am stronger and more courageous than I think.
  2. Time apart does not define our relationship; it only makes us stronger.
  3. The most powerful lessons are the ones you never expect to experience.
  4. Tackling life’s biggest challenges is a testament to my strength and resiliency as a military spouse.
  5. This may not be the life I envisioned, but it is the life I embrace.
  6. Having a bad day allows me the opportunity to pick myself up again.
  7. I give myself permission let go, knowing that I cannot control everything.
  8. What I want matters, even when military life tells me otherwise.
  9. Taking time to do the things I love is not selfish, it’s smart.
  10. I am ready to tackle the challenges of military life.
  11. My spouse believes in me and supports me fully.
  12. I am grateful for my incredible military relationship.
  13. I am worthy of pursuing my passions, hobbies and career.
  14. The military will send our family to the exact place we need to be.
  15. I will savor our time together, knowing that every moment counts.
  16. Today I will let go of the small things, so I have more energy to the tackle bigger things.
  17. Tenacity, courage and fortitude are part of every action and decision I make.
  18. There is purpose and meaning in everything I do for my military family.
  19. Love knows no distance. My heart travels wherever it needs to be.
  20. I recognize obstacles as an opportunity to grow, learn and overcome.
  21. I will find the patience I need to get through this challenge.
  22. I love and appreciate the life I am leading today.
  23. Taking time to grow and nurture my friendships is something I do well.
  24. Nurturing my marriage is important to me, and I will take the steps necessary to make it happen.
  25. My marriage gets stronger everyday…even when we are apart.
  26. My needs, wants and desires are equally as important as everything else.
  27. Happiness is a choice I make daily.
  28. Success in military life is based on decisions I have the power to make.
  29. Military families face a unique set of challenges. My ability to overcome them is limitless.
  30. I am at peace with my life as a military spouse.
  31. I am exactly where I need to be in military life to learn the lessons I need the most.


Get your printable affirmations here.

Or grab this beautiful gold box and gift them to a military spouse!

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  1. I love this! I’ve been a military wife for 14years. We have spent over 7 of those years apart. I made the mistake of adding it up after our last deployment when I had our 4th child while he was gone. I love the positive affirmations cards! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I believe the lessons I learned from military life has really helped me. One lesson I learned is to choose joy! There is a saying I have adopted as my motto, “You can’t always choose your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude.”
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi! I purchased these affirmations and never received the file. I might have missed it or accidentally deleted. I have emailed and haven’t received a response. I’m excited to print them and gift them to my girlfriends.

  3. These are amazing. It’s helped me look on the bright side some days when I feel like everything is just too crazy. Silly as it sounds I do feel stronger and more in control of my outlook.

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