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47+ Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers That Will Make Christmas Magical

Christmas is a magical time for families, especially when you have small kids. Carefully choosing a few toddler stocking stuffers and placing them in our kids’ stockings is one thing I’m looking forward to most this year.

Stocking stuffers for toddlers are tiny treasures and sometimes they garner more attention than presents under the tree. Finding something small yet fun and enjoyable for kids is a challenge and I love that!

Stocking stuffers for toddlers to spark joy.

Another awesome thing about stocking stuffers for toddlers is you can gift practical and useful items like underwear and socks and they are small enough to fit in the stocking. These are great alternatives to candy and treats if you are trying to minimize that.

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A child sitting in a dark room under the christmas tree looking at a snow globe.

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Here are 47+ stocking stuffer ideas for kids this season….

Practical and Printable:

These are perfect for any toddler or preschooler (and bonus…they are actually make life a whole lot easier for parents!). Use coupon code holiday50 at checkout to get 50% off your order, and you’ll snag any of these stocking stuffers for $3.50 (normally $6.99). Grab your routine cards here and find any of the other printable items here. 

printable routine cards, printable chore cards, printable kindness cards for toddlers

Hygiene and Routine:

These gifts serve parents well because you’re giving the kids something they actually need. And if you can make getting dressed, teeth brushing or toileting fun, then you’re #winning.

Collage of toddler stocking stuffers like underwear, socks, lip balm, toddler utensils

Small toys for toddlers:

Most of these are small enough to fit inside a stocking, but what I most love to do is buy a set, and put 1 or 2 from the set inside the stocking. Then use the remainder for a kids’ birthday gift or a sibling stocking.

Collage of stocking stuffers like small dolls, construction toys, sesame street toys, dinosaurs, paper doll book

Musical Play:

Parents if you’re brave enough for this, I applaud you. Musical play is excellent from brain development despite how noisey it can get.

musical toddler stocking stuffers: microphone, harmonica, clappers

Puzzles, Books, Art and Games:

Puzzles, books, coloring, art, card games – all of these are wonderful open-ended toys that kids can enjoy for months or even years.

games, puzzles and art stocking stuffers for toddlers

Outdoor Fun:

If you’re looking to gift your kids something more substantial in the outdoor toys department, I created this list of my favorite outdoor toys for kids. 

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Neon chalk, princess sofia jump rope and gymboree bubbles for toddlers

Pretend Play:

Out of all of these, I can wholeheartedly tell you these finger puppets are fun well into the school-aged years. My kids still play with them!

collage of pretend play stocking stuffers for toddler preschooler

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