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Why Moms Need Routines Just as Much as Kids Do

You probably hear it all the time—kids thrive on routines. It’s totally true, and there is a substantial amount of research to back up the idea. Routines offer children safety and security in the midst of a very chaotic world. Routines help kids prepare for what comes next in a sequence of events and eliminate frequent power struggles when they are able anticipate how morning, meal time, play time and bedtime routines will occur in the home.

Ever wonder why a mom would need a routine? Here's your answer!

It’s awesome. At the same time though, routines aren’t just for kids. There are several surprising (or perhaps not surprising) reasons why moms need routines just as much as kids do…

There is structure in the midst of chaos.

When everything in life is going crazy routines create a sense of reliability. This is probably going to sound mean, but kids are incredibly unpredictable, which in my book accounts for an incredible lack of reliability. I’m referring to small children, of course.

This is normal from a developmental standpoint, especially if you have small children. But for moms, unpredictable and unreliable behavior can make you feel like you’re on the brink of crazy. Routines give moms structure when everything else in motherhood is a whirlwind.

That 15 minute morning routine you do before the kids wake up? Yeah, you can count on that routine every single day. That little routine when you grab a secret piece of chocolate and hide in the bathroom for 5 minutes? Oh c’mon you know it’s awesome!

Structure. Peace. Happiness.

All in the midst of chaos.

Routines for mom are brilliant.

Brain power is reserved for the tough stuff.

I don’t know about you, but my brain is maxed out each day. When you spend your days helping your toddler cope with big emotions or wrangle the whole family to eat dinner all at the same time, you use a lot of brain power.

Personally, I like to save my brain power for the tough parenting moments throughout the day. A few short little routines eliminate any thinking at all. This probably makes it sound like moms shouldn’t think. Far from it actually. It’s just that moms think really hard all day.

So, when you can cook breakfast or go through a morning beauty routine and not waste brain cells on menial things, it’s a beautiful thing.

Creates a built-in sanity saver that costs nothing.

Moms love free stuff. Routines are free.

Moms love their sanity. Routines bring sanity.

Basically with each routine throughout the day, moms feel a sense of predictability. You know exactly what to expect. And when you know what to expect, the stress is minimized and the sanity is maximized. What’s not to love?

Power struggles are fewer and further between.

This is where the kid part comes into play. Routines are beneficial to moms even when kids aren’t around. But of course, they are also completely amazing when kids are around as well. When kids and moms (dads too) know how a given routine will go each day, everything runs smoother. Everyone gets along a little easier each day. It’s not that power struggles are gone altogether when routines are present, but they do make life a bit easier.

Routines are awesome for kids. Really, they are. But for moms, routines can offer a little piece of heaven (or chocolate) each day.

Moms need routines.

And chocolate.

And sanity.

Routines are here to help.

Ready to find a routine that works for your family?

I’ve written a book with my friend Rachel that has ideas for rhythms, routines and schedules that’ll help your children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. There are over 30 printables (all different routines you can print out) including tips for running your day and figuring out a routine with multiple children!

Click here to Get Started with Routines, Rhythms and Schedules!

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Wondering how to get an awesome routine?

Do you think moms need routines just as much as kids? Let’s chat in the comments.

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